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    ENZAR Operation & Maintenance Co. Ltd.
    We are Specialized in :
    Security Consultations & Integrated Security Projects.
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    More than 30 Qualified Engineers and Technicians
    Over 20 years of Experience in the Various Security Fields
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    Many International Partners
    Our International Partners helping us to provide
    The Best Quality of Products for our Security Projects


ENZAR Operation & Maintenance Co. Ltd. for Integrated Security Systems

  • ENZAR Company was established in 2002.
  • ENZAR Company is the successor of the German company IBCOL Technical Services GmbH, which was working in Saudi Arabia from 1987 till 2010, and managed by ENZAR‘s owner and GM.
  • Qualified trained technical staff, with long practical experience in the German company IBCOL Technical Services GmbH.
  • A General contractor and system integrator in all security fields, covering design, delivery, installation, training and maintenance of integrated security systems.
  • Approval of Public Security Assistant Manager for Criminal Security in security.
  • Registered contractor at Aramco in security fields.

Meet The Founder Of The Company

  • Eng. Ahmed Alkeridy


    Eng. Ahmed Alkeridy, the founder of Ibcol Technical Services, a German Company which was one of the pioneers of Security Systems if not the first.
    Main activity was to protect VIPs and important premises, now after a period over twenty five years, he established ENZAR Company, with the same staff of the previous company Ibcol.
    Improving and always updated with the newest security equipment in all fields such as Explosives detection, Bug detection, Road blockers, CCTV Surveillance systems, X-Ray inspection, …etc.

Our Clients

Here are some of our Main Clients that already Served with our Succeed Projects

Special Thanks to our Main Clients for giving us aN Opportunity to Prove Our Success.
We will always seek your satisfaction.


Our Partners

Here are some of our Main Partners that helped us to provide the best Product's Quality for our Projects

Our Activities

We are Executing Our Activities by More than 30 Qualified Engineers and Technicians.
with Over 20 years of Experience in the Various Security Fields.

Some of our Main Activities

  • Security Consultations.
  • Integrated Security Projects.
  • Tactical and Specialized Training.
  • Maintenance & Repair by Qualified Expert Staff.
  • High-end and Cost-effective Solutions
  • Integrated Security Surveillance Systems.
  • Harbor Security & Protection Systems.
  • Training Centers Design and Equipment Supply.
  • Alarm and Intruder Detection Systems.
  • Access Control Systems.
  • EOD/IEDD Equipment.
  • CBRN Equipment.
  • Electronic Countermeasures Equipment.
  • Communication, Command and Control Systems.
  • Tactical and Specialized Training
Contact Us Our Work

Our Works

Here we show some of our Previous Security Projects in KSA

1 - CCTV Security Systems :

  • Surveillance & alarm color fixed & PTZ camera.
  • Day/Night camera, Thermal camera, Infrared camera & Radar.
  • Digital recording before & after the alarm.
  • Manual or programmable automatic search and monitoring.
  • More than 600 cameras at one location.
  • All weather and climatic conditions operation.
  • 3D Tracking & Cross camera tracking.
  • Video management software.
  • Central operation & control room.

Recent Projects :
Design,delivery & Installation of CCTV systems for : MOD & RG,MOI

2 - Intruder Detection & Alarm System :

  • Intruder detection near or around the site.
  • Security fences, chain link, concrete and light.
  • Video motion detector, Microwave, infrared sensors, fiber optic sensor, ground sensors and other.
  • Integration of two alarm sensors for better security.
  • Fixed & PTZ camera for alarm clarification.
  • PC & Software for alarm analysis & display with camera pictures.

Recent Projects :
Delivery & Installation of infrared alarmsensors (11 km) for : Dammam Seaport
Delivery & Installation of Video alarm sensors for : RG

3 - Access Control Systems :

  • Control the entry of authorized persons only.
  • RF Cards.
  • Card readers with keyboard.
  • Fingerprint, iris and face recognition.
  • Control doors and gate opening.
  • Control pole barriers, road blockers and gates.
  • Surveillance camera for entrance and exit gates.
  • Alarm at unauthorized attempt.
  • Entry and exit data recording.
  • Employees and visitors entry exit data reports.

Recent Projects :
Delivery & Installation of Access control system for : MOD

4 - Gate Control System :

  • Test certificate according to PAS 68 & DOS K-4, K-8 & K-12.
  • Hydraulic Road Blockers & Bollards.
  • Emergency system for operation at electric power failure.
  • Tire killers, Surface or embedded.
  • Pole barriers, Sliding gates, swing gates & turnstiles.
  • Operation with push buttons, card readers, ground sensors
  • and others.

Recent Projects :
Delivery & Installation of Road Blockers & Pole barriers for : MOD
Delivery & Install. of Sliding and swing steel gates for : Dammam Seaport

5 - Harbor Security System :

  • Protection of vital seaside facilities.
  • Detection, tracking and automatic alarm against any intrusion attempt.
  • Under water alarm net with gate for friendly vessels.
  • Sonar systems for divers and swimmers detection and tracking.
  • Radar systems for the detection of surface threats.
  • Thermal and CCTV cameras for targets classification
  • UAVs & fastboats.
  • Monitoring and control center.

Recent Projects :
Design & installation of harborsecurity system for 6.5 km in Jeddah for : Saudi Royal Guard

6 - Explosives Detection System :

  • Explosives kinds, properties and threats.
  • Handheld explosives detection equipment.
  • Handheld X-ray inspection system.
  • Ion Mobility Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry, Gas chromatography & other technologies.
  • Car bomb detection.
  • K-9

Recent Projects :
Delivery of Explosives detection equipment for : Saudi Royal Guard
Maintenance of Explosives detection equipment for : MOI

7 - Explosive Ordnance Disposal :

  • EOD/IEDD Vehicles.
  • EOD/IEDD Robots.
  • Disrupters.
  • EOD/IEDD suit.
  • X-ray inspection system.
  • Hook & line kits.
  • Booby traps.
  • Other systems.

Recent Projects :
Delivery & Maint. of EOD/IEDD equipment andtools for : Saudi Royal Guard
EOD/IEDD training for : MOI

8 - Training Centers :

  • Indoor & Outdoor shooting ranges.
  • Laser shooting simulators.
  • Dummy town and obstacles course.
  • Mock up airplane for anti-terrorist training & Airplanes fire fighting.
  • EOD/IEDD training facilities.
  • Climbing tower, climbing equipment and tools.
  • Electronic countermeasures training.
  • Other systems.

Recent Projects :
Training center design& delivery of training facilities for : Saudi Royal Guard

9 - Fire Alarm Systems :

  • Active fire prevention via Oxygen reduction system from 20.9% to 15%.
  • Fire protection solutions for electronic cabinets & wide variety of applications.
  • Smoke & heat detectors
  • Visual and audio alarm systems & bells.
  • Auto fire fighting systems.
  • Control units.
  • Fire fighting training simulators.

Recent Projects :
Delivery of Mock up Airplane fire fighting simulator for : Saudi Royal Guard
Delivery & installation of fire alarm & FM200 fire fighting sys for : MOD

10 - Tracking Systems :

  • Vehicle GPS tracking.
  • Employee and visitor RFID tracking.
  • Stationary & valuables tracking.
  • Various ID tags and sensors.
  • Various receivers.
  • City / country maps.
  • Monitoring unit.

11 - Personal Inspection :

  • Hand held metal detectors.
  • Metal detector gates.
  • Hidden metal detector gates with camera & control system.
  • Explosive detection systems.
  • X-ray inspection portals.
  • Millimeter wave systems.
  • Other systems.

12 - Luggage Inspection :

  • Parcels and mail X-ray inspection.
  • X-ray luggage inspection systems.
  • Explosives detection software.
  • Automatic explosives detection systems.
  • 3D X-ray Inspection system.
  • Gama ray inspection systems.
  • Mobile scan systems.
  • Other technologies.

Recent Projects :
Delivery & installation of search equipment at Saudi Arabian embassies, > 40 for : Saudi MOFA

13 - Vehicle Inspection Systems :

  • Under vehicle inspection mirrors.
  • Automatic Under vehicle inspection Systems.
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition system (ALPRS).
  • X-ray vehicles inspection systems.
  • Gama inspection systems.
  • Mobile Vehicles & Container X-ray inspection system.
  • Vehicles Explosive detection systems.

Recent Projects :
Delivery & maintenance of Vehicles & trucks Inspection systems. for : Saudi Royal Guard

14 - Electronic Countermeasure :

  • Physical and visual inspection.
  • Conference rooms EMI systems.
  • Wireless, infrared and laser bugs detection systems.
  • Telephone and cable analyzers.
  • Tape recorders and hidden cameras detection.
  • Remote control bugs.
  • Jammers.

Recent Projects :
Delivery of advanced electronic countermeasure systems. for : Saudi Royal Guard
Delivery of advanced electronic countermeasure systems. for : Saudi Royal Guard
Electronic Countermeasure training courses for : Saudi Royal Guard

15 - CBRN Detection, Protection and Decontamination :

  • Chemical agents detectors.
  • Radiation detectors.
  • Biological agents detectors.
  • Monitoring and alarm systems.
  • Protection equipments.
  • Decontamination equipment.

Recent Projects :
Delivery & maintenance of CBRN equipment for : Saudi Royal Guard

16 – Communications, Command and Control :

  • Control Tower communication Systems.
  • HF & VHF Communication systems.
  • Land lines & GSM Mobile communications.
  • VCS and control stations.
  • Surveillance & Commandand Control Vehicles.
  • Hidden cameras, external cameras & Portable external cameras.
  • Telescopic cameras with light & hidden roof antenna systems.
  • Communication and control equipment.
  • Recording and analysis systems.

Recent Projects :
Testing, Maintenance,Repair and Training for CTS for : MEDEVAC (MOD)
Delivery of Surveillance& Command and control vehicles for : Saudi Royal Guard

17 - Convoy Jammers :

  • Digital Jammer systems for protection against IEDs.
  • Jamming all communication at the defined frequency bands.
  • Special designed antenna systems.
  • Programmable frequency bands and output power.
  • Programmable variable communication window for friendly communications.
  • Special protection system at special threat locations.

Recent Projects :
Delivery & maintenance of Convoy Jammer System for : Saudi Royal Guard
Delivery & maintenance of Convoy Jammer System for : MOD

18 - VIP Protection Vehicles :

  • Normal Suburban GMC Vehicle in normal situation.
  • Hidden Retractable weapon mount inside the vehicle.
  • Weapon mount for machine gun 7.62 mm & 50 Caliber.
  • Roof opens and weapon gets out automatically.
  • Precise cameras and laser range finder.
  • Weapon control and firing from inside the vehicle.

Recent Projects :
Delivery & maintenance of VIP protection vehicles for : Saudi Royal Guard

19 - Anti-Terrorism Training :

  • Basic, advanced & special training.
  • Fitness & self defense training.
  • Obstacles training.
  • Shooting training.
  • Sniper training.
  • VIP protection.
  • Hostage situations release.
  • Aircraft and building storming.

Recent Projects :
VIP protection and Anti-Terrorism training for : Saudi Royal Guard

20 - Special Training :

  • Certified training centers in UK & Germany.
  • Local training by foreign specialized trainers.
  • EOD/IEDD tactical training.
  • Electronic countermeasures training.
  • CBRN Training.
  • Food safety training.
  • Language training courses.

Recent Projects :
Explosives Disposal Training Courses for : Saudi Royal Guard
Explosives Disposal Training Courses for : MOI
Food safety & CBRN Training for : Saudi Royal Guard

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